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Published: March 14, 2020

All Blacks Show Real Emotional Fitness

If we compare Emotional Fitness with Emotional Intelligence what is the difference?

Emotional Fitness is a newer term. Many people know about Emotional Intelligence, yet Emotional Fitness a subset of the broader category of Emotional Intelligence.

As explained in the following table, Emotional Fitness is more focused on the internal use and expression of emotions. While Emotional Intelligence is also focused on external relationships, as explained below.

The definition of Emotional Fitness is our level or ability to fully understand and use our emotional capacity to achieve high-performance.

Like a muscle, our emotions only support us if we use them. Hence good Emotional Fitness refers to being fully aware and in-tune emotionally, able to express and feel the full array of emotions. Not just being positive, able to handle and beneficially use negative emotions. See last weeks blog post for an example.

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